Strategic Roadmap
Very little improvement starts or maintains effective impact without alignment to strategic goals. Start now to put a clear set of goals in place or boost success in executing results. We evaluate the best place to start, and establish a time frame necessary to achieve specific targets.

Needs Assessment
Many begin the annual planning journey and struggle with how to do better than last year or simply survive economic growth or the tough times. Before the question of “how” can be answered, it is critical to get a clear understanding of "why" the needs of your organization exist. Then we follow with what you want to achieve. 

Capabilities and Resource Inventory
Your ability to implement is contingent on the skills and abilities of your people, and the quantity of resources (people and time) that can be devoted to the process. The capabilities of your organization are considered prior to developing an implementation approach. Also, we don't forget about second and third shift individuals who are equally important to an organization's success profile. 

Process Design 
Create sustainable results by transforming an organization’s process effectiveness. We follow the methods and concepts used with Lean, SixSigma, and a broad variety of world class process improvement and engineering practices. We may have started in manufacturing but also work with transactional and service based entities such as, education and healthcare. 

Process Health and Measurable Results
Standardization of processes is the foundation for continuous improvement. The GRIT goal is the same as your goal; to achieve optimal flow of information, people, materials, product. Without this - cash-flow to serve your growth goals and stakeholders is left on the table.

Progress and Plan Monitoring
There is one thing that is true about the implementation process- it is never the same! Every organization is a design of one. As processes are standardized and performance is measured we continuously check progress and re-focus efforts on the critical areas.

The Grand Goal – Coach vs Consultant
The training methodology used by GRIT suggests that when the organization has mastered skills, the coach will not be as central to the on going game and only be needed for follow up.

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